Skirt, Shirt and Blazer from H&M. Bag from Zara
This is the second look Michele shot of me in Zürich. Wearing a H&M skirt. You’ve probably seen Lana del Ray were it in the advertisement. My favorite oversized blazer also from H&M and Michele shoes. 
I have to go soon, look for some glasses. I hate wearing glasses but I always have headaches so I hope that will help. If you’ve seen any amazing glasses somewhere or someone that just looks stunning in it, please share! 


  1. Very good look 🙂 Love the way you match your bag with the top 🙂 Nice blog and nice too meet you 🙂

  2. Love this post, I always love reading your blog.


  3. Soy tu nueva seguidora!! espero que tu tambien lo hagas. Me ha encantado tu blog! estas impresionante en las fotos! besitos.

  4. Killer heels. So pretty details. Lovely.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog =)

  5. those heels are awesome plus the skirt is whimsical the bag is celinesque – i love this outfit bc it looks so chic without looking like you are trying too hard!

  6. ich liebe einfach deinen Style… hab deinen Blog gerade erst entdeckt und bin richtig begeistert 🙂
    Würd mich freuen wenn du auch bei mir vorbei schaust … Vllt magst du mir ja folgen 🙂
    Sunkissed Lovechild