Bukhara is defiantly worth a visit. It’s an old ancient city on the Silk Road and used to be the centre of a huge empire. You’ll find stunning mosques and madrassa in every corner of the city and loads of oriental hand crafted goods. Bukhara is a lot smaller then Tashkent. We stayed at the Kavsar Boutique Hotel near Lyab-i Hauz in the middle of the city and could just walk out the door and discover the city by foot.

What we visited

Is an Islamic complex built around the Kalyan minaret. This was also used to punish people by throwing them out of the tower. There is a story that a woman was to be punished so she put on all her dress which eventually saved here live since it had parachute effect.

Sitora-i Mokhi-Khosa -Palace of Moon-like Stars:
This is the summer palace of the last emir in  Bukhara where he received guests or spent time with his wife’s.  It’s a little outside of the city 5-10min with the taxi. You’ll find stunning ornaments inside and learn a lot about the history of the place if you do the tour.

Lyab-i Hauz:
This was right by our hotel and has a little pond in front surrounded with restaurants. It comes to life when the sun and goes down. A wonderful place to hang out in the evenings.

Most mosques have been strongly renovated but this one stills shows the scars of time.

Naqshbandi Bukhara:
Originally we got up extra early to visit the summer palace but unfortunately that doesn’t open till 9 AM so our Taxi driver recommended this place. This is a huge mosque, garden and grave. Uzbek people from all over the country come here to pray. You’ll get an authentic experience here since there are hardly any tourists. It’s even the other way around, local people started taking pictures of us! (I’m not sure if that’s maybe different in fall, because summer is defiantly too hot to travel for a tourist)

Ark of Bukhara:
We only saw it from the outside but Id looked quite impressive and I would defiantly recommend going inside.


  1. this place is MAGIC


  2. Beautiful pics

  3. been there last year, love it!