Blickfang – Unlike FashionDesign

Blickfang – Unlike FashionDesign

I’d got to meet the Designer of Unlike FashionDesign. I usually don’t really care about men’s wear, cause it’s kind of wired I guess. But Unlike actually makes clothe that I would want my Boyfriend to wear. He added quilted parts to elegant shirts, which kind of gives it a rougher, younger and cooler touch. I guess the Designers style (last picture) also represents his collection. What do you think about it? See some more of his collection here


  1. Aaaaaw…the designer is a cutie:)

  2. last picture ♥♥ 🙂

  3. wow, love his work! lucky you!


  4. I like the first picture a lot! And the designer looks friendly and cool.

  5. I really like the last picture, i wish more men were stylish haha.
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  6. love this post!

  7. Very cool! I like the rough edges of some of these pieces. Thanks for the sweet comment!

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  9. I love these designs! xxx