The bathroom was actually the very first “room” I  decorated. I don’t know why but I really have this thing for bathrooms. I love to Pinterest them, love to decorate and love to hang out, because you have your privacy. Anyways I had this huge thing with the bathroom curtain.  I don’t really like curtains, I was actually thinking about putting in a glas wall,  but that would have been to expensive. I had the hardest time every finding a curtain. I went to so many stores. Jelmoli, Globus, Miscasa, Interio and every online store in the web. The only one I really liked was from a pinterest photo. After a research I found out it ‘s from kate spade and only availably in America at Macy’s. After trying to find the same in Switzerland  I gave in and order it from macy’s. Shipping was about the price of the product. There was also this huge drama with the shipment because I had given the wrong house number. You have to know I’ve lived on this street before but a  few Villages down the road.  I had accidentally given the Number of my old home from 10 years ago. After realizing that, I walked by the wrong address and found the packig on top of the mail box. The house was empty and dilapidated that’s why nobody had taken it. Lucky for me 🙂  The story continues… the next morning on my way to work I see like 5 huge police busses and dogs infront of the hause, barking and running around and tones of police men everywhere. You can imagine what was going through my mind when I saw that. Later I found out it was only a police exercise. HAHA.
This Bathroom is full of mental dramas. I did a huge research on every little item I bought. Even the toothpaste. I was totally annoyed that I couldn’t find a beautiful toothepaste. It still bothers me actually. Also the cupboard took me forever to decide. At the end I ordered it on the Jelmoli online shop. It look like 2-3 weeks to deliver ( I’m one of those people who expect deliveries to come the next day). Building it together was the hardest thing. I’m actually not to bad at that kind of stuff. I’ve build up like one million ikea furnitures and also did moste of the furniture in my new apartment. But this damn little cupboard was cursed. I’m telling. I mean can you believe I had to measure out where the screws came and even drill holes into the cupboard not to mentions, some screws were even missing. Oh and than the cupboared did’t even fit, even though I had measured it out so many times. I never thought about the toilet paper holder. That was totally in the way. It’s actually part of the apartment, but I just screwed it aways. (ups) I could go on with stories forever but I’ll just leave you with these images.


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