Balkan Roadtrip – Video

I’ve always wanted to fly a drohn and now that there are so many drohns on the market, I finally got my hands on one from siroop and decided to take it with me on the road trip. My Boyfriend isn’t really into video and photography but he also loves the drohn, so it kind of became our thing to do. One of our first flights was at the coast of croatia, we parked at the side of the street up in the mountains with a stunning view over the ocean. The perfect place for a flight. We’ll that’s what we thought. Once we had the drohn up the wind took it all the way out to the ocean. I was freaking out but luckily we managed to flew the drohn back during a wind pause. We fly quite a lot, but most of the shots aren’t that fluent, ( We still need to practice) so there aren’t so many that made it into the Video.  That doesn’t matter though, at least we had fun with it.

Besides the drohn (DJI Phantom 3) We used an older Gopro and my Nikon D800. It’s a huge mix of whatever I just had in my hand. I hope you like the Video.