Balkan Roadtrip – next Stop Montenegro

After Bosnia we continued to Montenegro and visited Ulcinj. We had to been to many beaches driving down the coast, but Ulcinj is by far my favorite. It’s the only “real” beach in my opinion. It goes as far as you can I think the beach in Ulcinj ( Montenegro) was my absolute favorite place we visited during this road trip. We were at an other beach in Montenegro, but were kind of disappointed. It was overbuilt and abandoned. Everything was falling apart or just half built. At the same time it seamed to be a really popular beach for the locals. I had no expectation to Ulcinj, which is why we were us surprised about it.  A soft and sandy beach as far as you could see and hardly a person in sight. We could park our car right at the beach and just run into the water from there. So so beautiful and peaceful. That’s also where we fixed up the car and enjoyed a magical sunset! The beach was flooded with golden light and than turned into a soft rose-purple color.  We hung out here for a while, got our selfs tanned and just enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.