Balkan Roadtrip – Bosnia Herzegovina

After Venice and Croatia our road trip continued to Bosnia Herzegovina. This was more like a day trip, since part of the Croatian coast ist actually in Bosnia. Theres a very nice place called Stari most. It’s a 400 year old bride that connects the “more Bosnien part” with the “more Croatian part”  of the City. During the war in 1993 it was destroy and built up in the same technique and with the same stones that were used when it was first built. Now it’s a UNESCO heritage site (Jep, we saw quite a few UNESCO sites on our road trip!).
We slept down the river in a little private camping. The owner of the camping tought we were locals because our car was so loud. Most cars there are broke and sound really load, just like ours. While driving through Croatia our Exhaust got a hole. It’s not really a big problem, the car just sounded really, really loud. My Boyfriend used to do that on purpose to his motorbikes when he was younger.  But when driving all those hours it gets quite annoying. Later when we drove through Montenegro we got some equipment and used a ravioli can to wrap around the whole. That held for about 1-2 weeks!

Anyways back to the camping, the guy was really nice and we talked with him for quite a while. He told us all about the political situation in the country and how everything was corrupt and who he had to deal with all these really annoying problems every single day. He also had to fight in the war, I don’t think I really ever met someone who had to go to war. Now he just rents his garden to campers like us.

That evening we walked down to derwisch house. It was dark so we didn’t see to much but a dog joined us on our way back. We always thought he’d just join us to the next house or the next street or till we’re out of the neighborhood.. but no! He stayed with us the entire time. Just so you know, it was like a 30min walk. We felt really bad for the owner and really wanted the dog to go back, but he stayed and never left us. Not even when we got to the camping. We had to hide ourselves in the car until he was gone!


  1. Toller Bericht! Weisst du noch, wie der Campingplatz hiess? Bin in ein paar Wochen auch dort und der Platz direkt am Fluss sieht echt schön aus 🙂