Balkan Roadtrip – Albanien

Albania is surprising and at the same time exactly what you expect. Since we drove all the way down and back up again, we spent quite a while here. The surprising thing is, the water is super clear and blue. It’s just at the boarder to Greece so nature wise it’s pretty much the same. Clear blue water and mountains of olive trees. But than again it doesn’t have the charm of Greece. They don’t have a typical way of building houses or cute old villages. It’s just really, really poor. Which again means it’s also very cheap. We paid like 10 Dollars in the restaurant for the both of us. It belongs to the poorest and least developed countries in all of Europe. In my opinion even poorer than Romania and Bulgaria.

We drove all the way down to Ksamil, the last city before Greece. Just a few hundred meters from the beach you can see Korfu floating right in front. Because of the political situation with all the refugees you couldn’t drive out to far with the jet skis. But no worries, I was just as happy on my pink flamingo.  Other than that ksamil was really nice. We also passed Sarande and Vlore the two other holiday hotspots but Ksamil was defiantly the nicest.

Syri i Kaltër
On our way back we stopped by a natural water source called “blue eyse” (Syri i Kaltër). We had to laugh, when we discovered a bus of Chinese tourist there. They’re really everywhere and always taking photos. it’s a wonderfull place tough. Super clear water, that’s just unreal! They also built a little restaurant on the water that’s really nice to have a drink.We didn’t have any cash left and since there aren’t to many ATM’s in the country we sadly had to pass. This generally Issue in Albania when we wanted to fill the gas. They have loads of gas stations but hardly anyone takes card and there are also hardly any ATMs so we used up the last euros we had and made it right over the boarder to Macedonia.

But before we got to Macedonia, we stopped by Berat, the city of 1000 windows an old historic city in Albania. The big surprise was actually our camping. We usually googled our next camping and just took what ever was closest. In this case it only had one. Most campings weren’t that amazing in Albania and especially out in Berat we had no expectations at all. Surprisingly it was the most beautiful, neat and tidy camping of the whole country. Everything was so nicely done and each car had this covered up parking spot, with electricity and water. That was sooo nice. We loved it! Berat it’s self is also pretty cool. It’s a nice town to walk around with lots of cool coffees. It’s kind of more cultivated then other places in Albania. Also we walked up too the castle, where you can see over the whole city. It’s like visiting Rom with no tourists. Pretty cool.