So I’ve been talking a lot about moving, but I haven’t really shown you anything. Today I’m going to start with the balcony. We have a pretty small apartment but a huge balcony that goes all the way around. Since summers coming up that kind of has priority. I want to make it look like a jungle overflowing this flowers some day. Since the front part of the balcony is always sunny It’s pretty hard to find the rights plants.  The best part was when I finally got my outdoor lounge! Before that I had absolutly nothing to sit when the sun was shining and I wanted to go out. It’s really nice to have a lounge corner and the size is perfekt for my balcony and I love the look. I got it from an online store called laredoute. It’s mostly known for cloth but also has wonderful interior.  I didn’t even know that! They have super stylisch stuff, that’s actually kind of hard to find in Switzerland. Also the delivery company was the same that had already brought my wardrobe. They recognized my name which was kind of funny. Since I  work full time and my boyfriend was abroad I could hide the key for delivery company and they put the lounge on my balcony while I was at work! With my dads drill the lounge screwed together in no time. #girlboss. I decorated the lounge with the cushions I got on my birthday from my siblings. Et voila here’s what my balcony looks like now. As I said, I still won’t like 1 million plants. But that will come with time 😉