Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz

 Shirt; Primark, Jacket Mango, Pants Pieces, Shoes Zara, Bag Fizzen
This weekend my Boyfriend and I did a short trip to the mountains a place called Bad Ragaz. It is known for its natural spring and is a popular spa and heath resort.
We stayed in a lovely hotel in the middle of the village after having a wonderful breakfast we made our way up the mountains to see the natural spring.  Later we went to the big spa resort which had many different baths out of natural spring water with different temperatures. Only thing I don’t like was changing from the hot bath to the cold one. Brrr! But I was very relaxing and we had a lot of fun. On our way to the spa we discovered lots of art sculpture that were scattered all over the village I was very fascinated by them. Later I found out it was part of an art exhibition with is every 4 years.  I wish we had some more time to stay there 🙁


  1. Awesome 😀

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  4. lovely photo’s!

  5. Oh döt ischs echt schön bi früeher ganz oft döt is Spa willi ziemlich ide nöhi gwohnt han =D

  6. Freut mich, dass du so eine tolle Zeit hattest. 🙂

  7. I really love this outfit!