Aloha, from Hawaii! Since I have so many photos, I decided to just start from the beginning. I started packing my bags like 5 days before flying. I tend to to that because I get so excited about my trips. Since my last luggage broke on my trip to Panama 1-2 years ago, I got my self a really nice one from Victorinox. This one is way better quality than the one before. The lady in the store even said you have 10 years guarantee on it, that’s crazy! I’m really happy about it and since it’s red it’s really easy to indicate at the airport.
I had a great flight to San Fransisco and even though it’s like a 12 hour flight, I hardly watched any movies. I was so busy ready my Book about a guy living in India (my next destination) The Book is called Shantaram, I can totally recommend it!
I’ve been staying in a hostel here in Hawaii, this is the very first time I’m doing that and honestly I wasn’t to excited about it but it’s been really fun, I meet a girl I know from Switzerland who’s staying just around the corner and we’ve been so active  I basically only went back to the hostel to sleep. Today we’re flying over to Kauai, I can’t wait to see what it’s like. Once I get back from Hawaii I’ll share all the other millions of photos.
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  1. Oh how I’d love to visit Hawaii someday! Thanks for introducing us to this piece of heaven from the beginning of your trip! I’m looking fw to rest of the photos. 🙂