adidas PureBoost X

I hope you followed my snapchat story (@joyoelen) while I was in Berlin at the end of Januar. This is when the new adidas PureBoost X running shoe was released. We were one of the first people who got to test it in a yoga session with Lena Gercke. Well, even if you did miss it, I’ll tell you what it’s all about. Some of you might know the Adidas Ultra Boost, this has a special sole that gives you an extra boost while running, which is loads of fun (you have to try it some time). Now, adidas has released a new shoe that’s specially made for women and basically wrapped around your foot. You can imagine it, like wearing a sock. This gives you a better hold while running and of course the famous boost sole. In the close up bellow you’ll see what I mean with:” it’s like wearing a sock”! Running is so much fun in these shoes you have to test them!



  1. So ein toller Turnschuh und mit dieser Sohle ist er sicher richtig bequem! Diese Action Fotos sind ja richtig cool – und die Schuhe sind der perfekte Farbtupfer für das Outfit 🙂
    Liebe Grüsse, Carmen

  2. Great sport outfit!! I love the shoes!

  3. amazing photos