A Trip to Gstaad

Last weekend my Boyfriend and I enjoyed a wonderful trip to Gstaad. My mom has told me about this place many times, since she used to come skiing here as a little girl. I was really excited to discover this little ski resort that’s known throughout Switzerland. In between the grand mountains and dark forest’s you find this magical picturesque place, where the houses are still of wood and carry on the Swiss chalet tradition.  This is  Switzerland at it’s purest, what better place than to discover the new Swatch collection dedicated to the Swiss culture. I am very fond of the black watch with the cow bells on them, it’s so nice to see how much attention the gave to the details. I enjoyed celebrating Switzerland here in Gstaad surrounded by mountains, chalets, cow’s and watches, enjoyed the breath taking view and the amazing sunset.  Sometimes you’re so busy dreaming of other places that you forget how beautiful your own country is.


  1. Lovely photos and stunning nature! You look so happy and relaxed!


  2. Would love to visit Switzerland someday and these photos just make me wish it’ll come true soon!


  3. Gstaad it beautiful, looks like you had fun

    Agnes x